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  • Christine Parlett

The Willow Tree wedding in Tipp City, Ohio Blush, gold and gray

It was a beautiful Friday in May, the perfect kind of day for two best friends to get married. The rain that had passed through the night before into the wee hours of the morning, made for some nerves, but mother nature had the perfect trick up her sleeve. Just when all thought it was a lost cause for an outdoor wedding, the sun came out and the perfect stage was set.

Nikko and Mallory were the calmest bride and groom that I have ever seen. They both knew that no matter what speed bumps the day may hold, at the end of the day, he would be hers, and she would be his…. forever. It was a splendid day. They were both surrounded by the family and friends that love them most in the most perfect setting at The Willow Tree in Tipp City, OH. There was giggling, dancing, and celebrating from the start of the day through the end. The celebration was epic and the blending of two families finally becoming one was a beautiful thing to witness.

Every last detail was thought of, and lovingly so. From the flower girls’ dresses, to the nails, makeup, cake, table settings. The blush and gray color palate was amazing. The sun brought out the sparkle in the dresses, shoes, nails, makeup, and so much more. This was one of those epic weddings where everyone can actually feel the love, the kindness, and the absolute joy of the day!

I was beyond blessed to have witnessed it and absolutely honored to have been by the side of my bride and groom on the single most important day of their happily ever after.

Venue: The Willow Tree in Tipp City, Ohio

Flowers: @oberers

Makeup: Aleesia Gooslin @aleesiagooslin

Hair: Bree Johnson @breejohnsonhair_

Cake: Jeri Deter

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