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  • Christine Parlett

A lavender love story: Centerville, Ohio at Centerville Community Church

Shanna and David have the kind of love that most of us wait a lifetime for and their wedding day was the perfect showcase. This couple is the perfect example of a beautifully blended family, one where David puts little four-year-old Rowan on a pedestal built for a princess. Starting with a Christmas engagement and a Spring wedding, their love is evident in everything they do.

It was time to start the music…hearts pounding and all eyes on them. David is a shy groom and wasn’t looking forward to his spotlight during the first dances. He took his bride by the hand and led her to the floor. They both seemed to be floating as they slowly rocked to the soft music. A song that sang of love and forever. It seemed as though everyone’s hearts were in their throats (like mine). You could feel the emotion in the room. Shanna and David spent nearly the entire song looking into each other’s eyes just being lost in the moment, in each other. The song sweetly drifted to an end and the next song is the one that tugged at my heartstrings. Shanna and her Dad made their way to the floor as their dance started. They shared a fairly typical dance, until about halfway through, then the dj cut in and invited all the fathers and daughters to the floor to share the dance. No one had to tell David twice, he found his new daughter and scooped her up. She was already quite tired from a long day and didn’t have much energy to dance. She laid her head on his shoulder as he swayed back and forth with her. The song drifted to a close and when it ended, he gave her a little squeeze and set her back on her feet. She quickly scampered off to the next thing to grab her attention. It didn’t need to be defined, or described. The moment was perfect and innocent. The simple dance was filled with love, surrounded by love, in the house of our Lord, built with love….what could be a better start to this family’s happily ever after?

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