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  • Christine Parlett

Kenleigh and Jason's Fort Piqua Banquet Center blush and gray wedding, Piqua, Ohio

It was the day that Kenleigh was waiting for! Today was the day that she and Jason would finally become man and wife. It seemed like forever since Jason asked Kenleigh’s family for her hand in marriage and she said yes in front of the lake in her hometown.

She had no idea about the ring in Jason’s pocket and even though she led him all over town, he waited for the perfect moment. From there it was a rollercoaster ride. It seemed the days and nights planning were coming faster and faster, until finally it was here.

The flowers were perfectly placed in the most beautiful shades of blush. The pocket squares were steamed to perfection. The venue was decorated with lovely accents and personal touches everywhere. The gold chairs were lined up in rows, each one waiting to welcome a dear friend or family member.

Guest after guest poured through the door with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts. They watched as Kenleigh seemingly floated down the aisle in her simple yet elegant gown on her mother’s arm. There was a collective gasp as she proceeded down the aisle, but I doubt she noticed. As Kenleigh and Jason locked eyes it was as if everything else in the room disappeared. The room was filled love. You could feel it, so warm and bright. The smiles they held in their hearts and their eyes were the kind that poets write about. They were so breathtaking as they exchanged rings and promises of forever then sealed it with a kiss and an embrace so lovely it was like looking at the sun. It warmed the spirit of everyone in the room. The guests erupted into cheers and celebration for this young couple had just made an eternal commitment and had welcomed each of us there to share it with them.

The blessing of a marriage is one of the most beautiful things to witness. Two people pledging to spend the rest of their lives living for the other. I am beyond honored to have been a small part of this amazing couple’s journey. I pray that they live long, happy, and healthy lives together, and look forward to the warmth in my heart when I am filled with memories of their day! Congratulations, to the new Mr. and Mrs.

Flowers: The Flower Man of Dayton:

Make Up: Susie Grover: @susie_lmt_mua and Kenzi Kingery: @kenzerdd)

Hair: Kara Penley at The Color Loft (Instagram: @ kara_leigh84

Dress & Beaded Belt By: Sophia Tolli

Rings: Diamonds Direct:

Cake: Ashley Burks Callahan (Instagram: @ashleyburkscallahan)

Tux's: American Commodore Tuxedo of Columbus

Jason's Shoes: Allen Edmond

Groom and Groomsman Bolo Ties: Bride's Shoes: Macy's

Bridesmaids Dresses:

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