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  • Christine Parlett

it's just the beginning in Nashville, Tennessee: a neutral nursery and NYE wedding.

Have you ever been somewhere when you FEEL love? That moment when the warmth touches your soul, contentment washes over you, and the sting of joy-filled tears hit your eyes? That is exactly how the Morgano house feels now that little Vincent has arrived. Vincent doesn’t just come with history; he is the heart-eyed emoji in the middle of a beautiful love story.

Vincent’s story began a long time before he was born. It started with his mom, Michelle looking for “the one”. Michelle worked with my husband and often times regaled us with her stories of dating. Most of them were funny, some ridiculous, but all of them ended the same way…” he is just not the one”. Michelle had spent years climbing the professional ladder, but she wanted more. She wanted to fill her life with a love that was epic. Not just a relationship, but a beautiful love story that she could tell her grandchildren. It wasn’t long before Michelle’s path led to Nashville, TN. She was a little nervous to start over in a new city, but decided to dive in heart first. She was willing to take a chance in hopes of finding what she was searching for and what always seemed just out of reach.

Over the months as Michelle settled in, we often received texts, emails, facetime calls about her latest antics. We always laughed and gave her the advice to follow her heart and the rest will work out. We heard a few whispers about “this one guy” that she met, and had been dating. We knew something more was building because she was less about the “this is what is wrong with him” and more about “oh my goodness, he can cook”, and “he makes me laugh”, and “he is soooo kind, patient, caring, WONDERFUL.” But then, she went radio silent.

……. Until one night. Michelle text my husband and asked if we could face time. It was late and we were already in bed, but knowing Michelle it was important. She said she wanted us to meet somebody. She proceeded to introduce this fun loving and hilarious guy named Johnny. He is the kind of guy that will have anyone laughing within minutes of an introduction. He is so full of love for life, happiness, and a smile that brightens the room. We loved him instantly. She was giddy with excitement as she showed us the ring on her left hand. He was the one.

They planned and prepared a New Year’s Eve wedding celebration that no one had seen before. It was a magical night. The smell of fresh cut pine, the warmth of candlelight, twinkling white tree lights, and the sound of laughter and words of admiration of new love surrounded. The day and night were heart-felt like no other. This was the end of two separate lives, and the start of a beautiful fairy tale.

The first few months of marriage brought happiness, discovery, and even struggle. Like every new marriage, Michelle and Johnny were learning new things about each other every day. They supported each other and found a new way to love that neither of them had ever known. They cheered in times of celebration, cried in times of sorrow, and supported each other through it all. No matter what life had thrown at them, they persevered.

It wasn’t long until they announced a new beginning, a new way of life, one that would flip their worlds upside down and inside out. They were expecting a baby to add even more love to their beautiful little family. The countdown was on. We kept up with all the updates, photos, baby showers, and the endless questions that every expectant parent has. Michelle and Johnny had filled their home with an anticipation that was palpable. The due date was set for the end of May…. Only a few days after I was planning to be in town. (A few prayers may have gone up for the baby to make an entrance a couple of days early, so I could be there.) Bigger plans were already at work. Michelle and Johnny were blessed to welcome their new son, Vincent into the world the evening of May 14, 2019. He is already doing things on his terms (like most newborns), arriving a few weeks early.

My husband and I were delighted that we would get to meet him when he was a fresh 10 days old. When we arrived at the Morgano house to meet the baby for the first time, we knew. The minute we walked in the door; it was there. A veil of emotion was in the house and enveloped us as we entered. It was as if this sweet little bundle of joy brought a love that wasn’t there before. Michelle and Johnny have an infectious love for each other, one that can be witnessed, but even that pales in comparison to the love that is present in their home now. The tenderness in their eyes not only for each other, but for their family, and friends is admirable. The way their world centers on this sweet little 6 pound, innocent, angel is amazing. Johnny and Michelle are not only meant to be together, but meant to be the amazing parents they already are to this sweet little boy.

Congratulations to you all for pushing through the tough times to get to the great times. Thank you, Michelle and Johnny for allowing me to be a small part of your journey. I hope that I was able to capture an ounce of the emotion and love that lives in your hearts to serve as a forever reminder of where it all began.

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