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  • Christine Parlett

Four generation photo shoot in Springboro, Ohio

Weather in Ohio that is truly heaven sent!

This is one beautiful family. I was originally contacted by Carol about capturing some four generation family photos as an early celebration of her and Drake’s anniversary coming later this Summer. All of the kids and grand kids were planning to be in town for a memorial service and it would be the only opportunity for the foreseeable future. You see, Drake’s parents are both deceased, having lost one recently. The family decided to do a celebration of life service for his mother and father together even though they passed a few years apart. Personally, I can’t think of a more special way to celebrate two people that spent many years in love. Even in death, they are celebrated together. While the occasion for the gathering is heavy for the heart, it was the first time in years that the entire family was together. I was beyond honored when Carol reached out about these photos. She explained to me that they had no flexibility with the date as some family members would only be in town for a very short visit. I reassured her, no matter the weather, the shoot will go on!!!

Days leading up to the session provided a favorable forecast. We thought we were in the clear, however on the day before, the weather began to shift. The rain that was set to move out in the early morning was now scheduled to hang around until the time we were scheduled to shoot…..NOOOOO!!! If you are at all familiar with Ohio weather, you know that the forecast can be about as reliable as a coin flip. Here we were, it was time. We all showed up to the park, with fingers crossed, and I swear the weather was Heaven sent!!!! It was semi-warm (for an Ohio day in mid-March) and the sun actually came out for a short visit. It was clear to me that Drake’s parents really wanted these photos! The family was full of fun and laughter, even some fairly crude noises (that would be me😊) that gave everyone a little laugh. If ever there was a lesson to be learned, on this day we were shown not to give up and that time with family and precious moments captured are absolutely paramount.

Hughes family, thank you for spending the first part of, what I assume was, an amazing weekend with me. I am honored to have captured these moments for your beautiful family!

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