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  • Christine Parlett

First impressions are EVERYTHING!!

They say “the devil is in the details”, and no words are truer when planning a #wedding. Most #brides dream of what their wedding will look like from the time they are little girls. I knew exactly what I wanted my wedding to look like when I embarked on the planning process many years ago, but styles change and trends change.

Weddings now are an experience. Guests are transported to the specific time and place of the bride and groom’s dreams. Sometimes this is literal as a #destinationwedding, but most times it is an idea.

The romantic French countryside, rustic and elegant with a flower covered ceremony at sunset just steps away from a 200-year-old of a barn. Summertime with violins in the distance and the sweet smell of roses wafting on the warm evening breeze.

Or it could be in an amazing winter wonderland. Surrounded by glass walls. The snowy winter landscape filtering inside a bright and open space. Fragrant evergreen boughs dripping with crystals give the feeling of a tranquil escape. The crisp air is heavy with mint, and everything is dipped in white.

Or under a starry sky during a dusk ceremony in an open field surrounded by fireflys……

Or in a family chapel, or in a huge cathedral, or a beach, or your living room…. the list is ENDLESS!!

There are a million different scenarios that could play out and every one is unique and as individual as the bride herself, but how do you communicate your vision to your guests? The stationary!!! Your invitations are arguably one of the most overlooked big decisions that will affect your wedding. First impressions are everything, right??? Your save the date cards, invitations, even the envelopes and the way they are addressed will tell your guests about the journey they are about to go on with you.

The focus of this blog is all about the #weddingstationary! When I got married, I went to the closest party store, opened a book, and chose a suite that looked close to my vision. Times change, thank goodness and the selections are much more intimate than they use to be. I decided to do a little research. I didn’t have to go any further than Etsy. I was overwhelmed with the selections and immediately started marking my favorites. What a wonderful experience working with some amazing vendors from all over the world. Each and every suite had a different feel and vibe. Some are more contemporary, some romantic, and some very clean and simple. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you…. which one suits your style??

These beautiful collections are just a few from the Gilded Swan Paperie. They are so fun with a retro #Gatsby or #ArtDeco feel. The paper quality is outstanding. These are such a fun example of suites that tell your guests to expect a roaring 20’s theme or a classic romantic feel from generations gone by.


This suite is so simple and clean presented perfectly by Mabel Press. Perfect for so many settings, but I envision this one with a sleek #beachwedding. Simple, elegant, and all luxury.


These three suites from The Cross-Eyed Fox had me at hello! They are all completely different, yet they all share the same incredible quality. The packaging, presentation, colors, every last detail was WOW!


These fun collections from Rachael Ree, could be translated as romantic, fun, or just sweet. Rather it be this beautiful tree, or this rose gold script, you can’t go wrong with these sweet suites.


I couldn’t stop looking at this suite by Labels R Us. There are so many ways that this beautiful collection could fit your day. It is clean with an organic feel, contemporary colors with a romantic font, and is packaged in a custom way that speaks of glamour.


Lynda Loves really out did herself with these three collections. The first two transported me to a starlit sky and a “out of this world” romantic feel. The special details like the wax seal and complementary thread detail are outstanding, and the calligraphy on the envelope is amazing!

The single rose is so simple, elegant, romantic, yet not over-complicated. This versatile suite could be used for a variety of themes/settings and sill look like the perfect compliment.


Last but not least is this gorgeous suite by Indigo Blue Design Co. I did something a little different with this one. It is the same set, however I used different colors to show how versatile this one is. It will work with any color scheme and the torn edges are so unique. It is timeless and classic all while feeling organic and all together lovely.


Wedding stationary should communicate your wedding experience to your guests. This is the #firstimpression they will have about your most special day, make sure you are sending the right message.

All of these beautiful examples are available at from these amazing artists:

Blue Indigo Design Co.

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