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  • Christine Parlett

Emily and Scott's romantic micro-wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I asked Emily how she and Scott met, that was all it took. Her eyes glowed. A huge smile grew across her face. “Well, we met in high school, but that was a long time ago” she told me. Emily continued the story, telling me that Scott actually went to high school with her older brother a few years ahead of her. Emily’s father was on the edge of his seat. Listening intently to his darling daughter tell her love story on her wedding day. His smile was full of pride as he beamed at her fairy tale finding “the one”. She went on telling me that since high school they both went separate ways. They had found lives in different parts of the country, her out West and him in the South. The way she spoke was so full of emotion and joy, utter happiness, it made a lump in my throat. She told me all about how they reconnected through social media. One message led to texts and phone calls, this was getting serious! She giggled just then remembering the way that they wound up back in Ohio. “He didn’t want to move West, and I wasn’t moving South….so we agreed, let’s go back to Cincinnati, that is our home.” It wasn’t hard to see the love that she held in that moment for her hometown and the man that she has known for so many years, her husband. With many tear-filled eyes, the two shared a look that was unmistakable. It was the look a person gives on their wedding day to the one that has filled their life with pure joy and contentment. It was gratefulness.

Emily’s Dad gave a toast right after the intimate ceremony. He didn’t need a microphone. The entire wedding party was gathered around one big table. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and a few close friends raised glasses as he reassured the newlyweds. “The family (both sides) would always there to support both of them.” No matter the struggle. No matter the issue. They were family. That is what family does! The tremble in his voice was slight, but it was there. The pride he felt was palpable. Guest after guest with glasses raised toasted the newlyweds. The cheers were joyful. The messages were all the same. “Welcome to the family”, “We are here for you”, and “We are so happy for you”. The large room could not have held more love than it did on that day!

Emily and Scott, I love our new friendship and the laughter we shared. I smile now remembering how we joked about the bibs, many napkins, and wet naps. What else could we do when eating the best ribs in town in wedding attire? Your wedding day was beautiful. You are so sweet and in love. Your connection can only be described as magnetic. When Emily laughed, Scott laughed, when one smiled, the other immediately followed. It wasn’t hard to see and feel the love between you. I am most grateful to you both for including me in your amazing day. I am always honored to photograph weddings. There is no more intimate day in the lives of a couple, and to spend that day with you both was magical. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, health, and togetherness.


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