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  • Christine Parlett

Always feed the animals!!! #Seniorphotos with a #classof2019 @UofCincy bound star

Where do I even begin with this sweet senior girl? Michele is beyond funny, outgoing, silly, and anything buy shy. From the first text, she has kept me laughing. She was an absolute rock star during her senior photos. Michele was not afraid to try anything, even when I suggested we go to an indoor bike park for some amazing graffiti.

She trusted me completely and I can’t tell you enough how much that means to me. To know that clients trust my (sometimes crazy) vision for something a little different is the biggest compliment I could receive. Michele is a first generation American citizen and the sweet little town of Springboro, Ohio is lucky to have her. She radiates life and spunk in everything, including trying to climb walls and injuring herself.

I also found out that temperature means nothing to this girl, one would never know from the looks of her photos, but it was COLD that day (low 40’s). Almost chilly enough that one would dress in layers, nope…. not this girl!!!

Working with Michele taught me to always pack food!!! As long as this girl has her snacks, she is good to go. When my client screams “THERE!!!!! I love that spot”, while eating chips and traveling down a major 5 lane road, I only had one choice…. pull the car over and get her that spot!!! From a banged-up knee, to offering her my shirt (literally!), snack breaks in the car, and freezing her bum off this session was pure fun from start to finish. I know that Michele has a very bright future at University of Cincinnati later this fall. She will go far in life as she is not afraid to reach out and take life by the horns!!! Congratulations Michele, and thank you for letting me go on this journey with you!!!

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