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  • Christine Parlett

A year to remember, family and first year portraits in Dayton, Ohio

There are a million words and emotions running through my mind as I edit these photos. I want to take this story all the way back to the beginning, to help you understand.

I first met Julie and Nate at Julie’s brother’s wedding in 2012. Julie and Nate dazzled me even then. They were a quiet couple, still young and shy. I got a call in 2013, that they were engaged and wanted to hire me to shoot the wedding. Then July 24, 2014 came and it was their turn down the aisle. I remember this day like it was yesterday. They had a huge bridal party (Julie has a big family). I also remember her wedding feeling like a reunion of sorts. I had met the family just a couple years prior, so I already knew most of them. This time though, I got the pleasure of meeting Nate’s family. They were all just the sweetest people, so kind and warm. We had a ton of fun and captured some of my most favorite wedding shots, even though it was pouring rain during the ceremony.

I continued to follow this sweet couple’s journey on social media, I love keeping up with my newlyweds!!! They moved out of town, then moved back, lol. Nate graduated college, he is a doctor now and Julie pursued her love of teaching. I have to admit I was over the moon when they announced that they were moving very local and expecting their first baby, due April 2018. I was even more thrilled when Julie reached out and asked me to do the baby photos. We settled on a package that secured services for Newborn (in the hospital!!), 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and a one-year family session.

With each appointment, the growth and change in Alex was astonishing. He made me remember what it was like having my own littles, and how stressful, fun, exciting, exhausting, and all the feels it was. I miss those days!!!! Then it came time to plan and shoot our 1-year appointment. This was it, the end of one of the best experiences in my career. I have known this couple for the past seven years. I have watched them grow from sweet boyfriend/girlfriend, to fiancées, to newlyweds, to college graduates, to career professionals, to parents, and now into a settled in young family.

As I edited these photos of Alex, now 1 year old, and this sweet young family, I am reminded of how fast time goes. How easily we get lost in the moments that seem to last forever only to realize that they are flying by at the speed of light. Alex is quite possibly the sweetest, happiest, baby I have ever met, and I can’t wait to watch him grow…. especially as he gets to grow into the role of big brother (someday (hopefully soon)). Thank you, Julie and Nate for bringing me along on this journey with your beautiful family.

Julie, I hope you have plenty of wall space for these, lol!!!

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